(an explanation of politics and love) in accordance with colors, numbers and physicality

the mind is a circle; time is a line. there should be no system but to help. if help cannot be afforded, help is given. and if help desired, help is given. if there is no help to give which actually helps – but hurts – it may not be but a frustration expressed. if a frustration is not expressed well, it is but an annoyance, but at least it can laugh.

the human mind:

truth in colors:

brown: all colors combined (fascism- not right, wrong)
black: the absence of color (communism- not left, wrong)
blue: like water, flows anywhere (goes everywhere- needed to sustain life)
green: like plants, grow anywhere (delivers oxygen- needed to sustain life)
pink: undefined (anything not completely understood- needed in discourse)
orange: like fire (democracy- needed to keep warm)
white(clear): like prisms (socialism- needed to keep being seen)

~even the prism which scatters light into infinite colors is not transparent with the naked eye

~so the truth is in the mind’s ability to realize even its eyes cannot see everything and can see nothing at all without a light

~yet even the light itself is nothing without the prism to scatter its beauty

truth in math:

1= the inherent truth and madness
(½)+(½)= 1
1+1= 2
(2(½))+(2(½))= 2
1+1= 3 [1 person plus two sides of one mind]

for example: 1.5+1.5= 3
however: 1(½)+1(½)= 1 (think of it as one half + one half = 1)
so: 1 person + 2 sides = 1 and 3 but not 2
but: 1+1= 2 and 6 (1 person with 2 sides + 1 person with 2 sides)

so: 3+3 = 6
but also 7 (3+3+1[1 being the inherent truth and madness])

and also 1 (two people…each with a soul missing its other half)

7+1= 8
the 8 stands tall…on its side, it sleeps (the infinity symbol)
[either way, the 8 is a circle twisted)

8 [infinity] + 1 [the inherent truth and madness] = 9

9+1 [in this case one as either the truth or the ignorance] = 10

10—> 1 [a person] and a zero (circle…the mind) standing side by side 
[the mind, the truth, the ignorance, the mystery] 

the lesson:

~currency is imaginary…numbers on a screen

~reality is relative to a circumstance

~if a circumstance is obviously unnatural and reliant on the imagination then why can’t money [which is devised by man so clearly fictional] be of the imagination

~the truth is in the numbers. there need not be words to show what is true…but oh, the possibilities of the word, written…if not a word written, then a word, lost…a word spoken is perhaps a word mistaken…and yet a word said at all makes the possibility and hope inherent and the beauty apparent…numbers are cold…and therefore not of the skies, but of a concrete slab

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