a simple way to haggle

there’s a man behind the curtain
brother, pay him no mind
there’s something which is closer
something better with time
yet, there’s something i can’t handle
something weighs on the mind
yet i know that i can beat it
without nickels
without dimes
without a preacher or a mime

there’s a figure laughing; certain
something only to find
a shadow of a martyr
who doesn’t have to die
but we can speak and i can feel him
i can see that he’s fine
and if, in fact, he’s only wandering
let him fly
let him sigh
let him lie

there’s a picture – only stillness
only shapes in the light
there are circles and squares
geometrically designed
there’s a pattern to be learning
and it’s plain in my sight
because control is just a word
when you’re better off blind
better off sighing
better off alive
better off not trying
no better
no crimes

and so shut your eyes
you’re lovely and kind

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