good morning, all acrobatic

acrobatic tendencies arise, arise.  once you have arisen you must slide, must slide.  and now that you are standing, you must dive, must dive.  and once you have dove into the sea of tranquility, you must swim until you sleep; you must win until you weep; you must spin until you’re weak; you must be strong until you cannot be. and all the while, be waiting for a way back to the deep or the distant shores.  for once you’ve arrived, you’ll only want a little more until you’re backflipped.  until you’ve spun shit; until you’ve hoodwinked past progression over tightropes and high-wires you have been falling down in on. 

and once you’ve fallen and the net has dipped with the weight of your slow falling, you must again arise, arise. 

and once you have arisen, start over.

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