good morning, all almost afternoon

a pause and, finishing the sentence himself, he tugged on a will all whipped. as far past as was going he took to a limp and gazed onward. true that it is but a gallant wave of a discussed deception, but oh, the parliament denied its very being and took to the lights like nighttime, causing pause in the first place. and so, whimsical as he was, he coughed three times and went about with words. droning along with an elephant’s pace, he would be out with it. standing aimlessly under street signs and pacing wildly to and fro, he took it upon himself to be silent still while beginning a phrase at dimestore prices. decimals into the earth. and yet no decibels with wisdom’s worth. and so he caught his breath, to begin with. and to begin with, we mustn’t be drawn to ways to dispute greetings or conversation’s loose toothed calm, and then drawn merely to the curb where no words chirp.

and so a drag on a cigarette and an exhale through teeth.
it is almost time for tea.

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