good morning, all intuitive

it’s a feeling that you recognize; your mind taking over its own thoughts and having out with an idea with no posed question. it’s like standing in the rain and seeing the sun shine through the clouds. it’s like pulling teeth and finding your smile all the better for it. it’s like aching for a cigarette while smoking one already. it’s like finding a reason to stay up when you’re so exhausted you could fall asleep standing. it’s like running through the wind and getting blown forward instead. it’s like failing to find pause in otherwise strange and foreign lands. it’s like discovering your knuckles have grown. and when your thoughts play second fiddle, it’s like basking in the morning dew, it falling down around you, finding you fleeting for its own beginnings…that beginning which seems like an end. that end which feels like a beginning. and as you condense, it flows.

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