Monthly Archives: June 2012

good afternoon, all intensified

boom goes the dynamite. my god, what a sight. as the canopies, twisted, shield your view of the violent lights. no doctor can extinguish an explosion in the night. no shaman can make you feel alright. no big dog’s barking can make your ears bleed. no farmer’s fields yield wheat or corn feed. you can make it your own. goddamnit you must. you can call it a home with a government trust. no bonds to be broken. no cash in your hand. christ, you could write your name in the sand. but the water rushes and washes it away. close to be writing or drifting in clay.
your mind is a-spinning.
so dry off.

good afternoon, all darkness

there is nothing worth doing that can be done in a day.
no, we need time.
and time is all we get.

there are some who tell you time is not to be wasted.
ah, but i say time exists to be nothing but wasted
in all the ways we can think of to waste it.

and so sit and be tired.
and so stand and be awakened to the evening light.

the darkness of midnight will often lead the way
to a clarity, previously unknown.
and so know the darkness
for to let the sunlight rain down upon you
and be

good afternoon, all bombarding

alas, it is nothing you haven’t seen before. a knock on the window; a broken in door. it is right with the planning an escape in the night. you are pointedly punching all plagues in the side of which castles are glinting in the sunlight whose rays seem to bounce off the lawns and be drifting away toward the garden whose gates are not locked anymore. you can say you’re a constantly rushing along, relik but even you know who is last and pathetic. try it out, don’t forget it. remember all truths and be left to the…left to the…left to the moon.