good evening, all impetuous

gladly, you take aim for the night as the sun shines bright as it’s setting. there’s a hum in the belfry. there’s a moon in the sky. there’s a rap at the door. there’s a tear in your eye. there’s a scene on the screen where the movie is playing. there are words coming out but you can’t hear what you’re saying. there’s a talent you know you’ve acquired. there’s nothing worth burning you’ve thrown in the fire. there’s a pattern you can’t help but draw. there’s milk in the glass but you haven’t a straw. there’s love in the wind. there’s teeth in the grin. there’s a need to have nothing. you’ve nothing again. and so you pull forth your mind in the light. and so you are searching for trees in the night. and so you are writing your memoirs in rhyme. and so you are seated but you haven’t the time to be watching alone, the dark shadows you’ve seen. there’s hallucinatory or broken in dreams.

there’s a mind full of madness you know can’t be yours.
there’s a story to be told.
so sit tight.

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