good evening, all loneliness

when your posture’s all a-curving – when your smile’s all encased – take a moment with the angels. take a moment with a gaze at a cardinal, he’s flying past the house and out to branches never ones to brush or brawl. you are a maiden, you are making me a dancer in the night. you make me stand up right.

when you’re failing to be noticed – when you’re failing to be seen – watch out for broken seams you’re tearing. you have torn them out of me.

and you are right to speak so gently. you are right to speak so mean. you are right to laugh in my direction. you are right not to notice me.

so when you’re finding out it’s wasted – when you’re finding it is gone – take me out to be a falling. take me out to be felled and gone.

i am a warrior; you’re the war. i am the ghost behind the door. i am the darkness you have wanted. i am the broken floorboard. i am the lazy light that’s leaving. i am the sickness in your heart. i am the frozen tundra trying to be a desert in the dark. i am the shelter you have asked for. i am the tepid angel’s hark. i am dying to be something to a wish upon a star.

and there’s a spark behind the curtain. and it is taking us in flames. and there’s a martyr making headlines. but she hasn’t got a name.

i take it in like a child trying to be noticed. whose posture’s all but plain. i take it in like shadows washing over all you gave to me.

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