good afternoon, all topsy turvy

play in the shadows of your once were
and populate your speaking with a prayer
to be a garden of receiving what the shots were
when they’d been thrown all out the window through the air
dismiss all paramount replies
forget all discerning finds
and regard your presence in a picture framed and lying on the lawn and glowing

doctor won’t you fix me of a fracture
of my overall demeanor like a clown
all turned around and down to be found about
with a fever and a crooked smile
and be glad awhile

there is a saying where it goes that where you’re going
is less important than the way you’re getting there
all encompassed in a dream
a portrait hung beneath the scene of a broken down train
where it goes is the same as where it’s gone
no passing rainclouds over lawns
no quiet taming of the song
played high and waiting for the time all wrong
flying high
and falling dry

behind a wrapped up city clenching in its hand
a key to nothing but imaginary lands
the captain climbs aboard
where every building is a billboard
the city shaking from the screams
in an imaginary scene
of a motion moved for searching down the american dream
i find it’s only what it seems
all locked up in landmines
all docked amidst coastlines
all patients to believe
all potions to conceive
all parallels prescribed and pleased
to a held up sign
a scribbled line about the free
and the cost of living cheaply
my, my you are converted, you’re a team
take to the streets

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