good morning, all past participles

this is where the boredom seeks to shake away your dreams
and this is where the atmosphere rips open the sky
they say it’s a disaster when the water’s creeping in
but you and i, together, know the tide’s just a mirror of those men
and even as the waves are cresting
you’re asleep on the shore of your mind

this is where the current tries to rip you from the land
and this is when the casualties outnumber the living
they say it’s a disease to think we’re all in this the same
and even as we count the numbers down, we are ghosts of our names
with all these pleasant pirate eyes
blink once if you’re dying just to stay dry

well you know the only way we could save ourselves the trouble of finding out
is to blame the attempt to devise a system, sacredly carving out its niche
we’re outnumbered

so this is when the boulder’s just to much to keep pushing
and this is when the mountain starts to crumble and spin
you said you were among the willing few to build again
but even as your conscience screams to try, you cannot even stand
‘cause even gallant saviors cry
when the sun’s setting in on their life

so i guess it’s for the innocence to outlast the doubt
and i guess it’s for another time to figure it out
how nothing’s really changing but the age they say to quit
when you give up what you’re after just to stop, just to sleep, just to live
another trial of suffering
you awake and are glad to be alive
oh lord

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