Monthly Archives: November 2012

good afternoon, all distant raining

drifting past an endless ocean breeze, you shiver.
and through the shivering you see a calm upon the waves.
now laughing at their caps all sideways.
oh my little one.
oh my joy.
to be speaking to a myriad landscape facing tides of sand blown by the wind.

and now upon a sidewalk,
strolling past the shops all boarded up.
gates to nothing at all.
short orders.
your number is called.

good afternoon, all wildly indifferent

cover up your eyes and run blindly to the center of town.  take control of the square with your shouts of pure indignity regarding all matters.  it is somehow in your nature to be bold and veracious.  and so you are.  and so you will continue to be.  and so dance beneath a burned out street lamp.  and so sing into a sewer drain.  and so giggle at the passersby in their sportcoats; in their long, flowing dresses; in their favorite hairstyles; in their flowery scents. speak to them as if they were children. ask where they are going. laugh when they claim their right to privacy.  

as if it weren’t like you to do so…