An Open Letter to President Obama

Dear Mr. President:

I have written to you before in this fashion and through this medium, but I feel it only appropriate to reiterate, specify, explain, and discern any confusion regarding the tone, theme, or message I was meaning to relay.  I won’t go into detail as to what my previous message said (it contained a far too abstract explanation of prisms and the color spectrum and their metaphorical relation to politics and the world-at-large), so I will continue only in reminding you (if you even saw it) of the fact that 1+1=3; that being a philosophical fact of both our natural and supernatural existence.

To explain, briefly, 1+1 equaling 3, I invite you to attempt the following experiments:

1. Put up 2 of your fingers into a peace sign and notice how, though you clearly will see only 2 fingers, there is an obvious and grand space between them; that space reflecting the fact that without a space between, 2 is merely 1 … 1 being an impossible number considering the necessity of there being a space between any object from another to form its natural and concrete state in our perceived reality.

2. Place 2 rubber bands over your hand (right or left MIGHT not matter) and onto your wrist.  You will notice that there is a single space between the 2 rubber bands, making it clear there are but 2 rubber bands and no more.  However, consider the large spaces on the outside of either rubber band and realize that (although 1 rubber band plus 1 rubber band equals 2 rubber bands and that, with a clear space between, 1+1 indeed equals 3) 1 rubber band plus 1 rubber band also equals 5 (2 bands and three spaces).

3. Recall the first instance in relation to the second instance and that 2 fingers up is the universal sign for Peace (at least in the Western world) and that 2 fingers held up also forms a “V.”  With this in mind, recall the Roman numeral for 5, which is “V.”

4. Picture birds in flight (or go outside and wait for some birds to go flying by) and notice that they are flying in a “V” which, as I’ve stated, is the shape of a peace sign as well as the Roman Numeral 5.

5. Recall the Nature of a bird’s life and realize that to live in Peace, we must get up early for breakfast, sing songs of loveliness as often as possible, raise our children by regurgitating what we’ve already consumed (be it literal food in a bird’s case or the learnings of our life in the human sense … and our spent Time for Money earned as well), as we take turns working hard to carry our companions in flight behind us as they rest on the slipstream, recovering from their turn as the point of that Peace sign until they are ready to end their rest; to lead once again.

6. Notice that when the V dissolves, the birds don’t go to die, they go to grow and experience a different place, usually planting themselves atop the highest points of a tree’s branches or flying about, alone; in either case taking the panoramic view so as to see the wider picture all the more clearly.

7. Recall, also, the nature of birds in their migration patterns and the way they must travel to different locations to find that which will allow their ultimate survival as a species and as solitary figures against the skies of dusk.

8. Recall the nature of a bear and how, though they will yell at you in warning of possible danger or stand tall to tower over you until you go away, they won’t run at you too often because it doesn’t make much sense to do so.

9. Recall also how a bear will hibernate through the season of cold and desolate death and darkness until they rise once more to feed at the River of Life, taking in only what they need to survive. I include this in explaining the nature of Peace – that sign which is created when you put up 2 fingers.

10. Recall Elephants and their memory of all things and their constant search for that water which breeds life.  And remember your life growing up yearning for Peace and Understanding; working to bring life and prosperity back to fledgling communities; running for office on the basis of Hope and Peace and Common Sense and Decency and Loveliness and Power of Character.

11. Recall inexplicably winning the Nobel Peace Prize…Take it out and stare at it, if it’s a thing you can hold.  Think of all the Great people who have won it and recall their words and actions.

12. Read 100 Years of Solitude (or so I’m told) and at least notice its title and that It won the Nobel Peace Prize.

13. Think of ants walking in a straight line.  Think of soldiers, the same.  Think of your Authority and the Power you wield as the “Queen” of our “Colony.”

14. Recall how bees pollinate the plants they naturally seek to help to grow.  Remember how if bees disappear, plants will as well; likewise humankind.  Think of a flower and its supposed cognition and how it, perhaps, does not wish for the bee’s pollination.  But think also of how much it would still need the Rain and how it would still reach for the Sun until it became, once again, the soil from which it grew.

15. Picture the Sun in the sky…Better yet, go outside on a sunny day, lay down in the cool, green grass, and stare up at that Sun for a moment before placing the crook of your arm over your eyes.  You’ll still be able to see the Sun.  Because its vision is embedded into your mind and, likewise, your very soul.

16. Recall that small dot of light at the end of the tunnel of darkness before you and notice how closely it resembles a star, as well.  And recall how stars have already died and yet are still sending us their light to peer at in awe on a clear night; how one along with all the others map out the pictures on which we base every single tale and fable; how they’re still there even when it’s cloudy; even when it’s daytime.

17. Remember going outside into the woods and smelling Nature?  That’s what life is supposed to smell like.  Not sewage.  Not Carbon Monoxide.  Not thick black smoke, billowing.  Not garbage strewn about.  Not bombs exploding and killing innocent lives, their flesh rotting in the street; their families weeping uncontrollably from grief and despair.  Not Ants, marching, releasing but pheromones of sex and confusion and obedience to the “Queen,” as they work and they work and they build nothing useful; as they hollow out the ground beneath us until they expire without ever having actually done anything or built anything or gone anywhere or lived life or pursued Happiness or been able to channel Desire into the Creation of Something if not Love and Truth.

18. Recall how the love of a parasite means Nothing.

19. Realize how not only God can name a parasite as such and how Science has already explained what a parasite is and how it affects its host…That a parasite will kill its host without meaning to if it takes too much for too long.

20. Remember reading Of Mice and Men in High School.

21. Notice how our society trains us to take and take and take from the Earth, draining Her blood for oil and gasoline for machines You use to maim and kill and destroy Faith in the eyes of Strangers.

22. Remember that when you remove the fluid from an engine, the cooling agent is gone, causing massive over-heating, smoke and then fire.  Recall that when everything is hot or burning from nude pistons spinning against each other, you’ve eventually got to get a brand new car.  Realize that our vehicle, the earth, cannot be replaced and so it will express its over-heating and will seek to cool itself, naturally, in any way it sees fit.

23. Recall traversing the streets of your past neighborhoods and how the Wind always felt stronger when you were walking against it as it trapped your breath in your lungs.  Recall panicking because of that feeling.  But realize that in putting your head down and trudging through it, you became stronger; or recall turning around and walking the other direction, that same Wind helping you along to a place you may haven’t even realized you needed to go.

24. Enjoy the place you’ve gotten to and say Peace to the Brothers and Sisters you encounter.  If they offer you disgrace in return, extend an empty hand with your palm up, bowing slightly, keeping your eyes – filled with sympathy, understanding and love or at the least, pity, frustration and the want for understanding – fixed upon theirs.

25. Count yourself lucky for your Intelligence; for your Grace; for your ability to slow your words to direct and meaningful statements; for your Understanding in times of no civil discourse; for your Love and your Laughter and your Caring for those who cannot care for themselves but with the Help from that which was created to Protect them and to Console them and to Keep Their Best Interests at Heart.

26. Recall FDR and his Great Society; Remember taking the Oath on MLK’s bible; Remember the Love you feel for your wife and children (and recall that in having your first child: 1 (you) plus 1 (your wife) equaled 3 (you, your wife, and your child)).  You are all so lovely and I feel blessed to have you as the First Family in the country I have grown to Love and Despise, simultaneously; in the country I grew up in being “lead” by the likes of George W. Bush and his countless crimes on humanity and violations of the Geneva Convention and the Common Good, not to mention the idiocy he expelled with every ridiculously fumbled sentence or botched turn-of-phrase.

27. Realize that you are repeating too many of his mistakes.

28. Knock that shit off.

Mr. President, I conclude with a message of my own; a message of actual Hope and actual Peace and actual Understanding and actual Worth and Realism and divine Truth as it pertains to our existence and to your second term as our President and Commander in Chief:

The world you once knew is once when the world were new.  Not brand new, for regression is not a Truth to perpetuate.  You must remember the Past, learn from it, Know it, and Share it.  Share it with anyone who wants that Knowledge which is so vast in scope, as human history progresses from this strange war of opposites – these battles between Man and Woman, Rich and Impoverished, left and right, white and black, North and South, East and West, Christian and Muslim (etc. ad nauseum) – and instead to a partnership of all things opposite in the striving for Peace in our Time.

With opposites, we spell “life” (consonant-vowel-consonant-vowel).  And so finally,

29. Draw a yin-yang.  Notice the shape it creates.  Notice how closely it resembles a child’s drawing of the Earth.  Notice how when you look beyond that line, drawn, you’ve got the same line which made the yin-yang going in the opposite fashion along its circumference, making a figure 8.  Turn the 8 on its side and you get infinity.  Count the spaces within the circle and you’ll come up with but 4.  Count that which lies outside it – surrounding it – and you get 5.

30.  My sincerest apologies for mistakes and omissions herein

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