good morning, all barn-burners

as i sit and i type i am remembering when i couldn’t be sitting and typing; when i was seated and sitting with pen in hand to paper – any paper i could get my hands on…and now since i can be typing, i am typing and typing so fast i’m barely thinking about the words i am typing. i prefer it this way, i do. and i prefer it this way because this is the way i prefer to be writing. when i am merely sitting with pen to paper – any paper i can get my hands on – it comes out drearily too often and most often in limericks. i do, however, usually write songs in that fashion but because i’ve written so much in that fashion – pen to paper (any paper i could get my hands on) – i am now in the midst of typing and typing as fast as i can and not really thinking about what i’m writing.

and so, i’m telling you…i have more songwritings to drift through for the next ten years of my life, it seems, and thus am holding true to the outlook. all lost emotion shall be lain, rightly. i have my album names planned. i have themes in mind for all of them. these are all subject to change. the future, as it’s been said, is still unwritten.

i just happen to have devised a line of progress in my work. this is no genius. this is me working on my first album for four years and subsequently producing a number of releases in quick succession.

they are all online at and why wouldn’t they be? you can stream them all for free. and my freedom depends on the knowledge that anyone is actually listening.

s/teps is done. i have to find it. or record it again. and again in one take with no breaks in the recording. because that’s how rocka bye babies happened. and, technically speaking, s/teps is “rocka bye babies II” but don’t tell anyone.

the will and the won’t is still linked below to read for free. its release will have s/teps on tape attached to the cover. it’s all planned. but at this point, the plan may be beyond my literal control.

all the better.

love in the christopher spirit,


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