good evening, all partially debated

once in a great while it seems –
here on the planet of dreams –
where my eyes don’t shake
and my brainwaves are paved
with illuminated aluminium,
i falter
when i don’t spell the words
and the words don’t fight me
and the fighting’s internal
or at least not to spite me…
i feel it’s a way
to be haggared and grey
and how i wish that were true
but i’m counting on yous.
and not to say that
i was having no hats.
i was having it out.
now it’s over.
no shouting.
no pouting.
no why-didn’t-we’s.
i am sure that my helpings
are helping me lead.
so please do me wrong.
and please don’t be polite
if i’m having a song with your words.

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