just napkins I

here i am a-concentrating
i am not renowned
nor should i be
nor should you be
we all make similar sounds
try to be not undeclaring
i know i struggle, still
but when a man is caught just staring
you think he’s passing out

deny your distance from a deity
and you fail to realize
everything it’d ever be
is listed in your eyes
swirls of jasmine linger, still
i am giving up
because you think i’m nothing but
and nothing-but

drop me off and
i’ll sit and wait
wishing she were there
tell me i’m unhappy
and i’ll get my head back once i’m fair
and not at the bottom of the stairs

what an outrage!
said the lord
you use your children up
you make us look like casual ties
you make us knowing not
so know not

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