just napkins: introduction

“just napkins” is a limited poetry series.

during my time living on the streets of portland, i would frequent a number of local establishments to get free water, some warmth, and a table to sit at and write. regardless of the crowd, what followed was some of the best things i’ve written (some of which may turn into songs).

i will be posting them based on the rough number system of 1-2-3, etc. but bare in mind that i have not kept them in any chronological order.

it should be mentioned that i wrote the vast majority of the napkins at Starbucks (only because I should hope to make my peace with the fact that Starbucks is actually a pretty decent cup of coffee)

i hope you enjoy my train-of-thought musings on my surroundings and internal dialogue (just about the only way i ever write, anyways)

*note that certain napkins will be omitted and certain napkins have been lost

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