good morning, all extravagance in dismay

maybe or not
wishful and doubt
i am a martyr
with no martyrdom
i know it’s worthless
to try and be mean
to be mean is so average
to be great is unclean
there’s couples and coupled thoughts
racing through minds
not mine
i’m all numbing
all painful in time

this is no worship
i’ve seen it around
god as jazz singers
sleeping on grounds
there is a reason
i’ve no real unknown
but watching is nothing i
see in a stone

go to sleep now, you’re lovely
go to sleep and wake up
to a world which is nothing
but a drink from a cup
know that it’s worthless
to try and be tried
for when the show’s over
i’ll cry and i’ll cry

take up no arms
against no arms laid down
but scream like the devil
at guns all around
know that it’s working
know that i’m through
with trying and lying
about love
chicken soup
for a soul in a basket
down rivers; be lame
be posh and be dazzled
i’m what?
i’m the same

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