verses and hooks (transcribed)

take “please” and jump toward a channel,
weird and regarded as a truth, untold.
and do discard an old backyard –
forming forgiveness on a distance placed,
as i am alive.
and i will give.

dressed and reporting lies,
i’m happy just to be alive.
i’m a culture.
i am a shadow.
i’m a drag into form
with me bold and dark

break me into shadows
(we’ve all got more than 1)
i know i am willing
i know im not the only son.
know that he is struggling with this
forced, repulsive set.
and know that i don’t care too much…
because i see nothing in no eyes

and so, beyond me, i’ll be laughing
and so, in front of – i shall pass
and so long
(and so forth)

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