1 am a possiblity
2 am is 1
3 could be anything
4 is no sunshine
5 is no prison cell
6 is a clown
7 laughs anywhere; is knowing and fun
8 is a crease on a jacket
8 is a fold in your jeans
9 is insanity
9 is your dreams
when 10 is a challenge
when 10 is the law
1 am a possibility looked toward the wall
10 is ideas and
10 is alright
my 10 is a loveliness
outside and gone
1 is a child
2 is its sleep
3 is the darkness he or she needs
4 is on fire
when 5 is all left
6 is a dragonfly
7 is home
8 is belongings
when 9 is a sin
10 is impossible
when 2 losers can’t win

look at the face
of a wonder, too dear
wonder how wonderful
god put us here
i am a capital m on my sleeve
i am a confidante
i have no steed
i is a-clamoring
poetry; clause
read and imagine
a meaning so flawed

1 is for loneliness
2 is for greed
3 is for everything
4 is my need
5 is contingency
6 is a dream
7 is heaven, when
8 is too speedy
9 wonders why there is nothing at all
when 10 is impossible
staring at
the wall

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