Monthly Archives: June 2013

good evening, all pirated versions

take one, take two
take three and to the four
it’s something that is wonderful flying through the door
and now what would you do?
continue writing?
i cannot stand to be sitting alone
i cannot sit for too long
or my legs go numb
and so why would i be writing for anyone but myself
why should i jump for joy when the doorbell rings
when the caged bird sings
when the clock on the wall spells dusk
why would i check the door
when it’s take one or take two
take three and to the fourth

good morning, america

good morning america
how have you been
where did you go
have you heard what i’ve said
nobody knows the trouble i’ve seen
nobody’s seen the places i’ve been
i’ve been around and around the whole world
in only my mind
plus one
the poor girl on the side street
the poor man on his horse
did you finally meet
did you walk the full course
have you been running
or have you been tired
of meeting and greeting me
none will admire
you clasped on the side
of a rickshaw…

good afternoon, all incredulous lies

there are mountains worth climbing
i sit and i stand
no walking to nowhere
no sleeping in sand
the colors are pictured
in paint ‘cross the land
cover the earth
with love; understand
the valleys so deep
crevasses so wild
cut through by rivers
and on toward a mild hangover
drink for the morning sun
come evening, you’re over
out for a run toward nothing
i cover
i shudder
and shake

good morning, all still waking up

almost afternoon
and the tides have turned
over and out of sight

almost afternoon
and the margins have widened
far to the left and right

almost afternoon
and i’m still waking up
almost afternoon
and there’s coffee in my cup
one more for the road
one more for my tired eyes
and i’ll be ready for the day
i’ll be ready to be tied to the moon

good morning, all delightful

catch the sunshine as it falls like rain
and find a reason to be left of pain
i fall into a gorge and then
am tied to nothing but golden men
these who try to wind in the forest
these who ramble on swimmingly
i am the light at the end of no tunnel
i am the darkness from the streets
i am no one