Monthly Archives: January 2014

good evening, all likemindedness

for those about to rock,
i salute you.
and for those about to sit back,
the same.

anyone could give a second chance.
i propose a singular dance
amid the ancients
and their forward glances.
i declare a stepping stone
placed in pockets; never thrown.
and i demand
a slight reprimand
of yourself
as yourself is no one else.

reline your byline
to include your pseudonyms.

and dance to the music in your mind.


The Supposed So

good afternoon, all colorful

distract yourself with a poem
you’ve never heard or read before
realize your visions
as you comb the bathroom floor
i am a frozen midnight
no, i am a peaked dawn
losing my resourcefulness
and picking up the lawn

dance on tattered windowsills
relieve your breathing, soon
and disguise your sordid loveliness
for a winced swoon

and with a cold breeze, deliver
yourself into the sun
and watch the night fall

good evening, all sumptuous

glance into a darkened corner of the room
and surprise the wall with your laughter
heed no dampened deviousness with your eyes
and catch time in a bottle
you are close to finding out
what troubles noon about midnight
and you belong to the city
yet can’t function right there
so you move and adapt to the movement
instead of changing much at all
with a will to by whispering idly to your sneakers
away they walk

good evening, all verbacious

distract yourself from peaking around dark corners of your eyelids
and watch the traffic pass by
nobody knows where the driftwood comes from
but it holds itself near in the night
i am a watching protector
no, i am a beast, reborn
live not with a tract or a past wish, wishing
for nothing and no one alarmed
i and you shall go dancing
across rivers where bridges, belie
themselves all across high waters
distrustful of any whose eyes will not cry
go deeply into the abyss and
with no fear in your heart continue
until you reach that place on the other side
watch closely and listen
the stars are on fire