good evening, all youthful indiscretion

three rides before nightfall
your side is so out of it
helping me up to my feet to stand
and now i’m having
two ways to go forward
today is just horrid
you and i were never ones to quit
so smoke away
but i cannot dance when there’s no new music on
it’s just a swaying of your arms and legs

goodbye to your morning
so cried but reforming
moms and dads are auctioning your stuff
without your knowledge
so screw the faders
turn the music up for later
it’s a bang of how you made
yourself into the tides at dawn
you’re so casually remaking your
history’s so uneven
brace yourself for impact
i am someone
you’ve left unpacked

but i can’t be someone
you are holding onto
it’s just a pattern you can’t trace enough
so clothes are all wrecked
and you could be the patter on the radio
oh, you could never go back there

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