good evening, all lovely

love is what it was
back when the drugs
lifted you upon the angel’s wings
and now i’m done
with girls all drunk
i’m looking for a woman who sings songs about her darkness
weeling, wasted, too true to talk shit
and over present passion
she’s a rebel
and i’m lost

you’re young
and i’m aging
you’re something
i’ve been waiting for
too talkative to tease the lights
at the on/off switch
your life was caught sifting
no lies, just lifting
hearts upon a dagger made of flint
with its sparks, contain me

and now i’m having second thoughts about using you
i’m half in the bag, criss-crossing through
the names in my telephone
who could be called
who would be alone
right now i’m thinking no one’s there
on the other end with a poison stare
i can’t look
there’s no one here
to catch me falling

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