good morning, all strewn across

pick a side and stay there
don’t idle in between
you’re either with us or against us
the times are fucking changing
what was once a shallow field
shows, now, abundantly clear
to be the passing of a breeze
like it was never really there
all descending into pastures
raising grain to your dollar
paid what’s everlasting:
a work day or a dog collar
and please, no pressing matters contend
with a bold engineering of stiff upper lip consent
to the wells wreaking havoc
on a hard-water-buy
don’t pass it
don’t panic
don’t tease me with lies
you’re a drunk
no, an addict
your feelings are rye
on the left side of honor
and the right side all crying
like beggars all screaming
for someone to see
that they’re hungry
or freezing
but when a life is too much
for a martyr to offer
they’re back on their heels
all soft on the lovers
denying their worth
to a ghost of a partner
or the time all spent
with hours relinquishing
jagged edges cut through
with knives all serrated
and silencing truth
no self overrated
no plans
no use
no games
no excuse

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