good afternoon, all harsh reality

there is a place i like to go
at the back of my property
blazing a trail
and gaining notoriety
you and i both
know that neither is cold
but as memory serves
twas silver and gold
and rubies all strewn
across the ground, and anyway
scattered about like the sun and its rays
through the clouds
oh, the clouds
are falling around now
now the fog is so dense
i can’t see past the ground
only three feet in front of me
it’s raining and i
know that it’s something worth saving
it’s gorgeous
not trite
no, it’s more than you know
lord, it’s more than you’d think
if you pack up the house
don’t forget the sink
so when camping around
you can wash all your clothes
and hang them to dry
over branches and hose
off the surfaces
of benches and chairs
and rely on no failure
you’re lovely
but i don’t care

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