good evening, all ecstatic

trudge through the underbrush and set up no lines to by brought forth from an actor who wishes and whines like a child who didn’t get candy at the store. don’t you know to be building? don’t you know to be cautious. don’t you know you are delving down deep into packages claimed at the station; the train was pulled in and and the engineer was racing to the edge of the crowd, there was a doctor who proudly took on the bold mission to cure some schmuck in the dining car who choked on his steak because his bites were too big and who, lately, wasn’t even eating meat.
dig through the garbage and find what you lost or be creeping down boulevards looking for a park to fall asleep in, by the pond, on the banks of a river, so bright and wide.
be ecstatic about something.
let your passion run wild.

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