Monthly Archives: July 2014

good morning, all raving

plant yourself upon the sand
and sink into the shore
whether or not you’re really there
is nothing known for sure
trading tenacious, shallow winds
just blow apart your skin
and follow blindly, north or south
where is or isn’t is

placid, complacent violins
go waltzing toward the cliff
and sing their song of loneliness
like wasn’t or isn’t insisted
your watch doesn’t tick to the second
no, it prances and portions its stiff
upper hand of involvement
knowing what’s not is what is

good evening, all imaginative

it was a pleasure just to see you smile
written songs of country miles
no one knows what troubles swoon
to be a wonder, to be true

exceptions make for bitter ends
when make believe is just pretend
told you once, i’ll tell you again
my lights are burning out

held you close among the streets
arm in arm like gutters’ streams
wade into the ocean while i struggle with the tides
i run away and hide
it was a pleasure just to watch you cry

help me, darling, i can’t speak
i can’t hear and i can’t see
evil lurks like a beckoned song
speeding in, i trudge along

trying times are knuckles cracked
my lungs can’t breathe, my heart attacks
seemingly my thoughts are strewn
along the side of nighttime’s noon

so some may say my words are kept
to close to my own pattern, swept
underneath a passing town
no wonder i don’t wear no frown

so hold me close upon the land
arm in arm and hand in hand
and take me to the river while i struggle toward the side
and in i dive
it was a pleasure just to see you smile

good morning, all solitude

meet me in the morning’s dew
and raft upon the waters, new
be cordial but be wanting truth
and stop upon the waves

deny no distance, cornered pleas
and reap no former landing
be caustic or be pleasuring
be caught on words and planning

trudge begotten winter’s wind
oh summer, leave me blinded
with sun or moon and stars begin
to guide your corners kind and trim

so with a love so rare and true
be grateful for the warmth
and live like laughter’s all you need
and dance like someone’s watching
dance like you’re alone

good evening, all simplified

it’s just a little something that makes you angry
it’s a story told with no ending
it’s a passion you wield
it’s a diary entry
it’s all for something if not for nothing at all
it’s a hangnail
it’s a toothache
it’s a hangover
it’s the rails
it’s the train rides
it’s the flying
it’s the holding
it’s the dear
it’s a makeout
it’s the morning after
it’s breakfast
it’s coffee
it’s a world without stars
it’s a sky packed with clouds
it’s a summertime rain
it’s the fog at dawn
it’s water down the drain
it’s a bold accusation
it’s a cigarette, smoked
it’s the cold
it’s a blanket
it’s the heat
it’s the air conditioning
it’s a love that’s barely visible
it’s the glasses which help you to see
it’s laying in the grass
it’s floating
floating away
out to sea