good evening, all simplified

it’s just a little something that makes you angry
it’s a story told with no ending
it’s a passion you wield
it’s a diary entry
it’s all for something if not for nothing at all
it’s a hangnail
it’s a toothache
it’s a hangover
it’s the rails
it’s the train rides
it’s the flying
it’s the holding
it’s the dear
it’s a makeout
it’s the morning after
it’s breakfast
it’s coffee
it’s a world without stars
it’s a sky packed with clouds
it’s a summertime rain
it’s the fog at dawn
it’s water down the drain
it’s a bold accusation
it’s a cigarette, smoked
it’s the cold
it’s a blanket
it’s the heat
it’s the air conditioning
it’s a love that’s barely visible
it’s the glasses which help you to see
it’s laying in the grass
it’s floating
floating away
out to sea

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