good evening, all imaginative

it was a pleasure just to see you smile
written songs of country miles
no one knows what troubles swoon
to be a wonder, to be true

exceptions make for bitter ends
when make believe is just pretend
told you once, i’ll tell you again
my lights are burning out

held you close among the streets
arm in arm like gutters’ streams
wade into the ocean while i struggle with the tides
i run away and hide
it was a pleasure just to watch you cry

help me, darling, i can’t speak
i can’t hear and i can’t see
evil lurks like a beckoned song
speeding in, i trudge along

trying times are knuckles cracked
my lungs can’t breathe, my heart attacks
seemingly my thoughts are strewn
along the side of nighttime’s noon

so some may say my words are kept
to close to my own pattern, swept
underneath a passing town
no wonder i don’t wear no frown

so hold me close upon the land
arm in arm and hand in hand
and take me to the river while i struggle toward the side
and in i dive
it was a pleasure just to see you smile

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