Words From The Midwest IV

Good morning, all fantastic, all hungry, all plain and tall. Welcome to the fourth installment of my three hundred and sixty five part series, Words From The Midwest.

It’s possible I could be over or under estimating how many of these things I’ll do. Maybe I’ll go until I don’t know the roman numerals anymore. Maybe I’ll just look it up. We’ll have to wait and see.

Today is my birthday. Number twenty-six. As I’ve stated, I think it’ll be a good year for me. I have a book and an album coming out soon and then another album coming out after that, I’m writing two novels and they’re both coming along quite nicely. Yes, I think twenty-six will be a good year.

Last night was splendid. I and a group of former Jesuit Volunteers and general friends in the neighborhood greeted the new Volunteers, shared a meal together and then sat around the fire sharing jokes and stories and generally enjoying each other’s company. I couldn’t be more excited to have these new faces around.

Currently, I’m listening to Big Star’s album Third/Sister Lovers, one of my most favorite albums ever recorded. I used to have Third on vinyl. I wore out the grooves. If you’ve never heard the song O Dana, I very much recommend you looking it up. It’s one of the best songs ever put to tape.

I say that about a lot of songs, though, I admit.

I will be going over to my sister and brother-in-law’s soon for a day of family time and a delicious birthday dinner. I think I told you about that before. I won’t go into it again.

Big Star has shuffled to Julian Casablancas’ first solo album, Phrazes For The Young. I’ve never before listened to it but I do love The Strokes (he is the lead singer).

Not much more to say today. I hope you have a good My Birthday day.



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