Words From The Midwest XV

Good afternoon, all morning-lovers; all sunny days; all rain and wind. Welcome to another edition of Words From The Midwest.

The baseball season has come and gone and what a hell of a World Series it was. Not great, mind you. Not great at all. But we did get to witness one of the most dominating – if not the most dominating – pitching performances of all time in Madison Bumgarner, which is one completely awesome and hilarious name. But I really wanted to see the Royals win, as I think did all of the baseball world outside of the Bay Area.

But, oh well. Oh well, indeed. We now have basketball to keep us up late at night and football – if you’re that type of person – to entertain our Sundays. And even though I care about way more than sports, I find myself entrenched in the passions of my youth when I would sit around with my Dad and watch literally any sport that was televised any given day. For some reason I’m back to going online every morning to see if the Cavs won and by how much and, woah, how did Lebron do, etcetera. And I’m not ashamed. I’m not.

I do hate football, though, even if I did watch as the Browns annihilated Pittsburgh by looking like two or three professional football teams rolled into one.

I haven’t seen a game since and I don’t really care to see another one this or any season. But I’d still like to hear they won because anything that’s good for Cleveland is good for me, intrinsically. Feels like I’ve said that before.

So, currently, I’m listening to Harry Nilsson and goddamnit I love that man. Probably the best voice in the history of Pop music, if I’m being honest with myself…the guy had a four or five or six octave range. I can’t even begin to fathom having that good a voice, even though I think I’ve a pretty good one, anyway.


I do a lot with what I have.

And on that note, jump over to thesupposedso.bandcamp.com to listen to any of the hundred or so songs I’ve written and recorded over the past three years. Some of them are pretty darn good. Some of them are completely forgettable. A few of them are classic. All of them are true. And that’s really what matters, isn’t it?

I’ve come to the point of reissuing the books I’ve published…Just Napkins is now available at lulu.com/spotlight/thesupposedso. It’s $10. It’s what I wrote when I was living on the streets of Portland last year. It is what it is.

I will soon be publishing The Supposed So Trilogy (containing the novellas The Will and The Won’t, A Way To Go Sideways, and A Pair Of Honest Men) with the cover art having been done by Michael Marras (mwmarras.com), a seriously brilliant artist out of Akron, Ohio and someone who I’m sure will be world renowned at some point in the very near future. I’m also going to republish Good Morning, Good Afternoon, and Good Evening (the poetry series I did here on tumblr before Words began). Not sure what the cover will be yet. But both of these books will be available in hardback for the first time. Maybe someone will buy them. I know I will.

Finally, as the Midterm Elections draw closer, I am finding myself completely and utterly jaded and dismayed by the news that it’s the most expensive midterms ever, weighing in at about four billion dollars. That’s billion. With a capital B. And goddamnit, I don’t even think I’m going to vote. And I could go into it at length as to why I’m not going to but I think it comes down to that dollar figure I just quoted. It’s a fucking wash. It’s a fucking disgrace that this is what our electoral process has come to and I feel it is my duty as an American to boycott the very process. I mean, there is really no such thing as a good politician. There just isn’t. And I, like so many others of my generation, am just so completely disillusioned by the way Washington is bought and paid for, and am so reluctant to acknowledge the fact that these people do anything for the People that going out to Vote seems almost futile. And it is.

And I don’t even feel that guilty about it.

I’ll definitely vote for the next President, though, simply because I want to vote for Hillary Clinton even if she scares me a little.

That’s all for now, ya’ll.

Tune in next time for another edition of Words.



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