Words From The Midwest XXII

Good afternoon, all dark and stormies; all vagrant migration; all tossed up and hit-with-a-bat. Welcome to another edition of Words From The Midwest.

Another couple weeks have come and gone, and here’s another blog entry. I’m not sure in writing this that it will live up to the lofty goals spelled out in my last post, but I shall soldier on, dear boys and girls; ladies and gentlemen, etc.

I have just finished reading The Supposed So Trilogy which I’m sure I’ve already discussed somewhere in the confines of this series, so I won’t bore you with specifics on what it is and why it is but I want to say a couple things about it, regardless.

I was surprised by how much I liked it. That I should say. And, really, I only actually enjoyed reading the second novella, A Way To Go Sideways and the third is nothing without the album that goes along with it. Yes, A Pair Of Honest Men is not what I thought it was when I was writing it. But it exists merely as a way to flush out the themes of the first two in the series and I think it does an alright job in doing so. My only wish is that I had delved deeper into my time on the streets of Portland, which I discuss, but, honestly, really just glaze over the importance of some of the people I met and what exactly was going through my mind in the weeks leading up to the day I went out to begin the strange existence which is being a street kid in a city with an immense homeless population. The psychosis I endured in those times is merely hinted at in the book, although, perhaps, it shines through more apparently in The Will and The Won’t and A Way To Go Sideways than it does in A Pair Of Honest Men. I’m not sure exactly as I was the one who wrote the book and, thus, am actually in no clear space to critique it. I give it three stars; I give the album five.

I really can’t wait until it comes out (March 24) and am excited for the possibilities which will come from its release. I plan on sending it out to certain publications for review. Who really knows what anyone else will think of it.

We’ll see, I suppose.

I have a show Thursday.

Maybe I’ll do an open mic tonight.

I don’t know, I feel restless. Like it’s everything I can do to wait and wait until I have the money to buy a new microphone and record the drums and bass for Simplifiers (the album out March 24…you know, the one I just mentioned that goes along with the book) and maybe work on my covers series (Supposed Covers Volume II) and maybe – maybe – begin recording my followup album, Dad’s Typewriter which is written and has been written for some time.

2015, I think and hope and feel, etc., is going to be a very good year for me.

And I hope for you as well.

Until next time,



P.S. Mikal Cronin has a new album coming out in May. His first two (especially his second, MCII) are wonderfully good. Highly recommended.

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