Hey There, Mr. Cramely : Four Years Later

Lately, I’ve found myself delving back through my back catalog, trying to remember songs i released almost four years ago, and sometimes wrote nearly eight years ago, or more.
First, let me tell you that it isn’t like I should have to explain why today is so very different than eight, even four, years ago. These miracles and trudgings are well documented by me in my work. And this is the precise reason why I’m looking back on the songs I wrote back then: How the music was arranged, recorded. The differences in my vocal range and “technique”; more than anything, the lyrics. Right now my life makes sense to me. Back then, I was figuring everything out through art. It informed my prescence in an empty room.
I digress, because what I really want to talk about is that in my wanderings, I am currently replaying “Hey There, Mr. Cramely”, and found that it is a good album that should be played very loudly…the mix is quiet; I was still learning the craft of the recording and arranging process, and even though a lot of the sounds you hear on the album are fictional versions of some actual, acoustic tone, I think, given the right mood, mindset, and volume level, I’m proud of this album.

Take a listen:


Please note the storyline of…what? It’s a sort of love story, I suppose. But kinda the way you attach hopes and dreams in a situation and play with masks to see what’s real, pretending all along that that’s all love is. This album is about trying to grow out of that mindset. And I think it worked. This was a very cathartic piece of work: I wrote it over the course of years, really, but recorded it very quickly in a couple weeks in a haunted apartment I and my roommate-at-the-time had recently moved out of. The rest of the story? The why and how of it? I can’t say. But it turned into a good piece of work. I hope you enjoy it too.

*Remember: Turn Up The Volume*

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