Monthly Archives: January 2021

contact your members of congress

*text RESIST to 50409 and follow the prompts to contact your sitting members of congress*

I don’t know what you believe. I don’t know if you think our sitting president is a good example for anything to anyone. I don’t know if you believe the last election to have been fraudulent in some way. I don’t know if you watch BLM protesters and think they are “thugs” or whatever other racist terminology your diction appropriates. I don’t know if you read the president’s tweets and believe every word he writes. I don’t know if you want lower taxes or small government, or whatever other silkscreen of legislated selfishness you believe to be for the good of all. I don’t know how you think of people of color or women, and I don’t know if you harbor grievances of a denied white superiority or of a patriarchy you feel slipping away. I don’t know who you vote for down the ticket, and I don’t know if you think democrats are “stealing” “your” country from you. What I do know, is that what we all witnessed yesterday was the culmination of years of a man spewing lies and vitriol, in an inane attempt to cop popularity points, claiming falsities for the basis of narcissism. What I know is that if you still have deaf ears, you are outside of your own mind, sitting comfortably in a reality split from what you see and hear with your own senses. What I know is that two weeks is too long.