Personal news of note

Just to bend your collective ear for a moment, I have to say that I’m very excited about where my music and art has been going in the last year or so. With a Bachelor’s degree in English now in my rearview mirror, a very enjoyable job at my local indie bookstore, shopping a feature length script and finishing up another, and continuing to write music and prose, I feel like I’m firing on all cylinders.

On top of the production, I also, for pretty much the first time, have nice looking physical versions of my latest album releases. Plus, I put a single out last week that will be reviewed in the very near future on a blog out of Eastern Europe (you can hear it here:

My website is up as well (you’re on it) where you can find my evergrowing body of work. But check out the link below if you feel like purchasing a CD. I also have a CD/Cassette bundle option if you want to proudly display Allie’s cover art in its various forms.

If you dig it at all, tell a person who doesn’t know me.

And stay up, kids. Try and be well in spite of these dark times. Try and make someone’s day better at least.

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