Wishing there spirit
Like a cold of valet
Sent to drive your car nearer
To the heavens at bay
Will the wonton won stupor
At the shadow ballet
Meet the shortened board super
And be shunted away
I know the born shooter
I’ve seen him, i say
They’re the futures sworn boosters
Taking 50 and hang
Up the governance responsibility
What are you doing if not richer by the week
Take your pictures
Of the crowds and see us stomping
Fix you sutures of the proud
Boys worship hunting
Man the greatest prey
Speak high and be a gun display

Your lying waits for no man
Collective in your show, man
So many i can’t help but think at all
That you see shots as new fans
Carnage the mirrored of the stand
You fascist won’t you break down
You’re such a drag at face frowns
I’m livid at the choice
You fucking rejoice

And all the while my founding fathers
Are read just like the bible
Not literally, but both with eyes to blind
If you really loved your jesus
You’d be first names with his kind

And peak at won’t you did it
And speak like i’m an idit

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