“Anyone Telling Your Different” is now on streaming services

(snippet from a thought process)

“Yea, you know, i wrote it that way, as a ‘white supremacist’ with a gun because that’s the way I felt it, that’s the way that presented itself when I wrote it. The Buffalo shooting had just happened, the song fell out that night, or the day after, and that was that. It was a white supremacist with a gun, just like so many times before, cops included, cops especially. And then, you know, I write the song and five days later a school full of children is shot up again, and the song I wrote is missing something. And goddamnit for the world we live in that a song about gun violence would nullify itself not a week after it was written because something even more heinous happened. Fucking terrible, man. There’s just nothing more terrible than a kid who just turned 18 goes out and buys an automatic weapon, no questions asked, all the bullets he wants, and then everyone’s surprised when he goes out and kills as many helpless people as possible. Premeditated slaughter of the most innocent among us. And you know what, we shouldn’t be surprised. The human condition is to be mostly insane, and when that insanity is coupled with an ingrown dedication to violence, there is nothing we can do. Except, you know what, and this is the truth: ban guns. It’s so easy, we did it once, we can do it again. A well regulated militia is not made up of 18 year olds with a death wish. Hear that. A well regulated militia is not just random people with guns. It is, and this is true, the National fucking Guard. State militias. It’s so simple it’s gross. But I think about Chris Rock’s bullet control bit, 50 grand per bullet, and I can’t help but agree. You want a killing machine? You want a photo opp with your big dick replacement automatic rifle? No bullets for you. I can tell by your haircut you’re on a budget.”

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