Monthly Archives: December 2022

a brief

I will always and forever host free content here on my website, with its decade-plus of writing already in the archive, but I have decided to open up the possibility of growing the work that will presumptively, decades from now appear on rarities bootlegs–shit that at one time I would have handed you on notebook paper or a burned CD. To me, the idea of writing something, performing something, or otherwise putting something together that is special to a situation–not contrived, simply stated and presented in earnest–appeals to me.

Patreon feels like a way for me to offer a look into a process, capturing moments in sound and letters, pounding away like a thunderstorm, never stopping until the clouds roll out. My art, I think, is a lot like a thunderstorm. For me, the rain is pretty constant. And I’d like to better share it all with you in a more personal way.

I will be recording demos of new tunes, rearranging cover songs and new versions of old tracks, while also writing stream of consciousness essays and poems however my fingers happen to drift upon the keys; delivering downloads, sending out merch, and altogether trying to be a professional musician without standing in front of people and feeling so very uncomfortable. For whatever it may seem to some, gigging for me is rarely fun, even if at times rewarding. This is my attempt at a way around it.

If you want to and are able, check out the link in my bio and see what it all adds up to. And while you’re at it, have a beautiful weekend.

Much love.