new album Jan 6 (that’s in three days)

This here is a friendly reminder that I’ve got an album out this Friday, January 6. The World is a Living Organism is its name. It consists of eight originals I wrote in the spring of 2022 plus two covers of traditional tunes I learned at Camp Christopher.

It is as much a concept album as anything I’ve done, even as most of my past LPs have had common themes running through them, such is the nature of recording and quickly releasing one’s every whim in roughly the order they’re written. Some 11 years have gone by since my first proper release, but this album feels fresh and strange, at times funny, often obscure with lyrics that don’t try to make all that much sense, yet beg of their own profundity…it is a continuation of the work I’ve made since Allie and I moved to Worcester, MA, yet also stands alone as a statement of sorts–not a heavy handed prophecy, but a rumination on the collocation of joy and sorrow, pain and healing, present and future. It is a world unto itself, a jack-in-the-box waiting for you to twist its crank until the jingle jangle abruptly halts and the jester flies from its encasement, startling you every single time. On the whole, it is the whoosh of a punch thrown through the air intentionally missing a target, the bang of a drum sewn into an inside jacket pocket, the switch of a mind from psychosis to sanity and back again. It is the will and the won’t of a fever dream one wakes up from only to forget it in tiny increments until the whole memory is gone forever. It is a thought process regarding what the world has come to, and what we might do with ourselves in spite of our ultimate demise. True that I wonder what these songs really mean, honestly. Honestly, I might figure them out sometime years from now.

1. The Path We’re On
2. Lonesome Angel Howl
3. The World Is a Living Organism
4. River Gourd Canyon Stop
5. Come Go With Me (traditional)
6. Listening to Okkervil River Alone in Autumn
7. Rhetorical Wind
8. The Living Organism Speaks
9. When They Ring Them Bells
10. Easy Come Easy Go (traditional)

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