Monthly Archives: February 2023

Bandcamp Friday

This is a picture of me letting you know that this Friday, March 3rd, is Bandcamp Friday, meaning that by purchasing a download of any of my releases, or a CD copy of the albums Need Something and/or Paper Glasses On, all profit will skip past Bandcamp’s share and go straight to me. I’m currently composing a new LP, compiling a hardcover copy of my collected lyrics, and writing a series of scripts–and am also shopping my new album and a completed feature. All proceeds will help offset costs of proofs, submissions, etc. So if you’ve ever thought about buying something, this Friday is a good day to do it.

If you want a taste of anything before you buy it, most of my music is wherever you listen to music online (search The Supposed So), and you can always stream the whole shebang on Bandcamp before you buy it ( You can also read a whole host of work on my website (which you’re on), including a couple dozen essays and the aforementioned screenplays (links above).

Anyway, that’s enough self-promotion for one day. I hope you’re making your way through winter with your head up as high as you can muster.

Thanks all.