In August, 1988, I was born, Michael Timothy McGuire, to two beautiful people whom I love dearly. I was graced with being able to grow up with three older sisters. They’re lovely and I love them. Those of my family who remain on this plane of existence still get along and speak often.

The Supposed So began in 2011 as a recording vehicle for the songs I was writing. A prolific outpouring would follow in the coming years, finding me composing and recording constantly, releasing via Bandcamp on my own imprint Checked Out Records.

Diagnosed with Bipolar I Disorder in my early 20s, I also spent much of that decade in and out of hospitals, struggling in particular with the manic side of my bipolarity, once finding myself living on the streets of Portland, Oregon, pacing the city without sleeping for weeks. The poetry book, Just Napkins chronicles that period.

Time lived in Maine, Ohio, and finally New York City would see me release numerous albums and EPs, as well as four poetry books, and collections of essays and short fiction. 2020 would see me earn my first college degree in Writing and Literature from the City University of New York.

I released Thoughts in the Belfry and Just a Bit More, As Always in 2020, each including rearranged and rerecorded versions of previously released songs.

My debut novel- length work of fiction, The Supposed So: A Fictional Memoir In Five Parts, was released in February 2021 and is the fleshed out version of four previously published novellas and one new one.

Three albums followed in 2021, 2022 and 2023: Need Something and Paper Glasses On and The World Is a Living Organism respectively. All my work can be found and experienced via the links on this page. Sign up with your email to get updates as they occur.

I am a recent graduate with an English degree from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and live in Worcester with my partner, photographer Allie Tsubota.

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