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:The Supposed So:


The World Is a Living Organism

released Jan 2023

Paper Glasses On

released Jan 2022

Need Something

released June 2021

Thoughts in the Belfry

released Aug 2020

Your Coffin or Mine: Alkaline Trio’s Good Mourning

released Oct 2019

Listen With Headphones, Between the Notes

released July 2019

The Quiet Kid

released Dec 2018

Live Volume Two : Alone In a Basement

released July 2018

Live Volume One: The Bop Stop Performance

released Jan 2017

The Supposed So

released July 2016

When a Dream

released Feb 2016

Dad’s Typewriter

released Sept 2015

Rocka Bye Babies II

released June 2015

Revival In E Major

released May 2015

Simplifiers or A Pair Of Honest Men

released March 2015

All Is Good, Then

released Feb 2014

Singles And Rarities

released Jan 2014

Interior Walls (Unfinished Demos 2007-2013)

released Jan 2014

Rocka Bye Babies

released May 2012

Hey There, Mr. Cramely

released April 2012

Such A Sinister Sort Of Sweetness

released Jan 2012


Just a Bit More, As Always

released Nov 2020

What Belongs in the Future Runs Off With the Past

released Dec 2019


released July 2018

In The Shadow Of The Haunted Oak

released Sept 2015


released July 2015


released May 2015

War and Fashion

released April 2015

Heavy-Handed Mimicry

released Dec 2014

Newer Suns

released Jan 2014


The Party Never Ends

released March 2016

At The End Of The Day

released Sept 2015


released August 2015

:Dad’s Typewriter:


released Sept 2017

Song Of The Summer, 2017

released Sept 2017

:Mick ‘n’ Allie:

Now That I’ve Found You

released Sept 2016