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It Is Tempting

It is tempting to be partial to a wicked nation,
elated as a worshiper of tilted things.
I cover up the margins with a splendid partner
who aches for glinted wings.
Forever tossing between
lightness and weight,
plunged through painted waterfalls,
my armor slips off my body
and I am prodded.
I am stuck.

So, naturally my wandered spirit
lifts into a cloud
and never spoke and never pleased
the angels,
who drift an piousness.
Their greed is just a mailbox, emptied
long and trailed by kings.
Their portioned rights succeed
And I’ll have a bash.

Slogs of stymied dragon’s eggs
slip silently by slogged sandwiches
bogged down in half.
One for you one for me.


So this is a marriage!
Lightness and darkness intertwined
with caustic wit,
erasing all that dangles by a golden thread.
So easy what is thine
to duck into a world of mimes
never singing at all
or even nodding along in time.

So this is October!
Leaves slipped from once-green canopies
drifting down from their boughs.
And skies go greyer,
and the sun parts earlier,
and the chill in the air
like a subtle acupuncture,
to heal in all from without, within.
So simple go the days.

And so here comes Christmas.
Yes, the only thing distant-
the feel of warmth’s embrace.
A call on the wind streaks impressions
on my soul.
My mind gimps onward
yet gathers what is sure to soil
serpents on opposite poles.
To step softly into death
and go laughing.