Than Like Donald J Trump

New York is the city in which I now live; which I now am tasked to love. And really, I’m doing it well these days; trying to repay the gods for all the free passes and second chances they have thus far allotted me. I hope for a few more, of course, but more than that I hope I’ve come far enough to not need one again…At least not the life-changing, mindfucked versions. Those can keep to the past…What I’m saying is that Life is good right now for me. I really can’t complain. For some reason I’m blessed anymore. So what do I do in response? Stand up for folks on the subway; apologize softly when I knock into someone on the street; be mindful of where I’m  blowing my cigarette smoke; turn the music down at night. Love like my life depends on it, it does! We are tasked. All of us are. And I think it is the duty of the priveleged to rise up to the challenge; scream and shout for the Every Man because we are all him sometimes. Or quietly lead by example, for yourself if for no one else. Recognize what your path is leading you toward, and stop halfway to look back. Hell, that’s all They really want. They swear they won’t turn you into a pillar of salt.

So what am I on about? Even I should know. It’s funny, these times. These Times. My personal life is solid. I’m broke as fuck and struggling but not internally and that’s new. The fact that it’s all happening now seems inconsequential. My success is not Life’s Success, even with how much I wish it were. Because life? Life is a real goddamn bitch. A big fuckin’ asshole for the most part, these days. I mean what in the Fuck is happening here? What are they doing? My god! What can I do to stop this?

So what do I do? I write these things out and give them to whomever; anyone worth a damn, but also those I’ve yet to figure out if or not they are. I give them randomly to the other bands at every show I play because that’s my audience and I better fuckin impress, ’cause why not?

I think therein lies my point: no moment is ordinary. Respect the mundane, for there are literally billions of people all over the world that would die for it. Sometimes they already have. Privelege is fuckin deadly, my friends. And they’re trying to make it worse. But they won’t win. Because there are more people like Me than like Donald J Trump.

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